Saulos Chilima
Troubled looking Petitioner 1 Saulos Chilima coming out of Court

Court opened this morning with two rather strange requests. These were by Mordecai Msiska, acting on behalf of Saulos Chilima.

UTM lawyers requested that the Attorney General Kaphale must limit his cross-examination of Chilima. They claim that the elongated questioning will delay the court proceedings.

The second request was that the court must stop translation of the proceedings into Chichewa.

Malawians who speak only Chichewa will no longer be able to follow the court proceedings if Chilima’s lawyers succeed in their request.

Court Ruling – Total Rejection

The Court in the interest of all voters will continue translations and in the interest of expediting the court case will encourage such without impeding the need for fair outcome.

On the issue raised that Malawi Parliament does not translate its English deliberations. Court stated that these bodies have different missions so that was not a fair comparison.