Albinos still being hunted in Malawi

Unidentified persons, believed to be albino killers, broke into the house of the former President of the Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) Gilbert Dayire, and attempted to abduct him from his area 22 house in Lilongwe. 

According to Dayire, the incident occurred around 2 am while he was sleeping. 

Dayire said the suspects drilled the wall of his room using sharp and strong tools. He said the group dispersed after he screamed for a help from the neighbors. 

“I heard the sound of drilling and when I decided to check what was happening, I found a big completed tunnel with a person trying to enter through it,” he explain. 

Adding that “I then screamed for help and my neighbors came in large numbers.” 

According to him, one suspect was caught by the neighbors and was referred to Kawale Police Station. 

Kawale police confirmed about the arrest of the said suspect. 

The current President of APAM Overtones Kondowe, accused the law enforcers and government for failing to protect the lives of people with albinism in the country. 

“Area 22 is close to the police headquarters and it is in the capital city. So the question is, if this happens in such place what about those in remote areas?” Kondowe asked.