LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country’s education rights body, Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) is calling the country’s leadership to swiftly revise the Free Primary Education (FPE) arguing the policy has failed to meet its objective.


CSEC observes that introduction of users fees; examination fees, security fees, uniforms fees continue to torment pupils, guardians and parents as they continue to pay more to meet the costs.


The education rights body further disclosed that the FPE has been a failure as conceptualization and implementation has disastrous results on learners entire education sector.


Sharing its two policy briefs to the media and Malawi Parliamentary Committee on Education on Friday, the papers titled, “Hidden costs of free primary education in Malawi ; Do they matter in the education sector’, and “SDGs; Content, practice/policy dilemma’s and the role of Parliamentarians in SDG implementation”, CSEC  finds out that FPE is never free that even achieving SDG 4 will be daunting task.


CSEC Executive Director Benedicto Kondowe told the meeting in the capital Lilongwe that the whole FPE policy needs to be revised to suit the needs of Malawi’s education.


Kondowe says if SGD 4 is to be achieved the nation’s entire education policies; financing, budgeting need overhaul revision.

He therefore appeals Parliamentary education committee to advance its agenda in the August house that the FPE policy be revised as soon as possible.

“You cant talk of Free Primary Education when all in all there are user fees in the form of examination fees, security fees, development fees. This arrangement is tormenting pupils and parents as they fail to meet the costs.


“We cant talk of free primary education when heavy hidden costs are incurred. This is the reason we engage policy holders; MPs to appreciate our research papers for their action that the policy be revised as soon as possible,” says Kondowe.


Vice chair for Parliamentary Education Committee Vincent Ghambi assured the nation that his office will carry the task a head in the forthcoming sitting of the August House.


Ghambi therefore shared the same concerns of how the program has hurt many unprivileged Malawians who fail to raise the users fees.