(MaraviPost): Malawi’s Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that are pressurizing the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials to return the parastatals and council funds that they obtained during their Party’s fundraising dinner popularly known as ‘Blue Night’ last month in Lilongwe, have cancelled their on-going dialogue with DPP officials.


The CSOs through their lawyer, Wesley Mwafulirwa disclosed this to the media on Tuesday, in a statement he signed and is dated 12 September, 2017.


According to the statement, this is because the DPP officials are not showing interest with the dialogue despite being the ones championing for it.

The statement said that the CSOs will therefore go to court as earlier planned before the DPP officials called for the dialogue.

However, DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila attacked the CSOs for the decision.

“It seems the CSOs already had the plan to cancel the dialogue. How can we have no interest in the dialogue? We were the one calling for it, so why cancelling it at the eleventh hour? We are asking the CSOs to handle the issue soberly,” said Kasaila.

During their first meeting last week in Lilongwe, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) only apologized to the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), over the ‘Zachamba’ (nonsense) remarks made by its Secretary General (SG) Greselder Jeffrey WA Jeffrey and shifted it to a later date.

However, the DPP officials failed to show up saying their Secretary General was sick, according to Mwafulirwa who explained this to Maravi Post in a separate interview.

The DPP Secretary General is however, on record denying reports that he was sick during the meeting but that he had another meeting.