George Chaponda
George Chaponda: CSOs want him prosecuted

Civil Society Organizations in Malawi presenting a petition to vice chair of joint parliamentary committee inquiry Kamlepo Kalua, called on the commencement of prosecution of Dr. George Chaponda and everybody else that is involved in the maize gate fraud and investigations into the cause recent fire in the minister’s office at Ministry of Agriculture, on Capitol Hill.

According to the petition from the CSOs dated 2 March 2017 and headlined “Civil Society and Concerned citizens petition to the State president on state of affairs in Malawi: We demand accountability and an end of impunity,” was received by Kamlepo Kalua, a member of the joint committee. The petition was signed by Rev. Mac Donald Sembereka, Billy Mayaya and Gift Trapence; and requests the prosecution of Chaponda over his complicity in the Zambia maize procurement.

Chaponda has was fired as Agriculture minister after pressure from CSOs and opposition party.

The CSOs state this will eliminate corruption in government machinery. The CSO through the petition numerous actions; among them are namely avoiding politicizing operations of governance institutions, inquiry on treatment of human rights defenders, and addressing persistent water shortages and electricity blackouts.

The CSOs accused the DPP government of telling lies and politicizing the governance institutions such as the country’s Anti- Corruption Bureau, the Director of Public Prosecution, the Accountant General, the Auditor General, and the National Intelligence Bureau to name but a few

“We in Civil society are deeply concerned about the growing politicization of the governance institutions in Malawi. It is now an open secret that these governance institutions have become a governance curse, due to government’s inordinate interference in their operations”, reads the petition

It adds: “The professional childishness of these institutions, especially in the wake of the recent audit report, bespeaks of the unnecessary political arm-twisting that is at play. This is a huge disservice to tax-payers who fund these institutions”

Receiving the petition, Kalua said it is a shame that heads of these institutions are at times behaving like ruling party spokespersons when in actual sense they are supposed to be accountable and answerable to Malawians.

Kalua therefore, expressed confidence that all corpulent will be brought to book soon as they are working daily to fight corruption in Malawi.