Daily Horoscope
Aries Image

Aries: (Mar 21- Apr 21) Inviting someone over to your place is possible today. Whatever you have aspired for on the academic front will slowly begin to turn into reality. Your initiative on the professional front will keep you head and shoulders above your rivals.

Lucky Color: Peach, Lucky Number: 6 

Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20) Impressing people of the opposite gender is likely to give you a high on the romantic front. The way you put things across on the professional front will win the day for you. Extra income is likely to beef up your bank account.

Lucky Color: Grey, Lucky Number: 14,

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 20) Smooth sailing is foreseen on the academic front. Family problems faced by some are likely to get resolved. Cupid may smile on those searching for a soul mate. Wanderlust can take some out on an adventure trip. You may decide to take up residence near your place of work.

Lucky Color: Pink, Lucky Number: 23

Cancer: (Jun 21- Jul 20) You are likely to adhere to a healthy lifestyle to remain in shape. You may crave closeness to someone you secretly love, but the initiative will have to come from your side. Attending an out of town function is on the cards.

Lucky Color: Burgundy, Lucky Number: 1

Leo: (Jul 21- Aug 20) You will be proactive in seizing a lucrative deal on the business front. Something you do on the social front will be highly appreciated. Plan may be afoot for a vacation or a pilgrimage, so expect it to materialise soon. Moneywise, no problems are foreseen.

Lucky Color: Purple, Lucky Number: 9

Virgo: (Aug 21- Sep 20) You may become health conscious and adopt a fitness regimen. Registering a property in your name is possible. A promotion can be expected on the professional front. Things look rosy on the romantic front. Spending time with likeminded people will prove most fulfilling.

Lucky Color: Cream, Lucky Number: 22

Libra: (Sep 21- Oct 20) Some ups and downs in family life cannot be ruled out. Romance may take a backseat due to some pressing commitments. Possibility of getting short-changed in a financial transaction looks real. You can neglect health by indulging in excesses.

Lucky Color: Teal Blue, Lucky Number:  10

Scorpio: (Oct 21- Nov 20) Betting or speculation may earn good money. Your efforts on the business front will help swing a lucrative deal in your favour. Don’t leave your belongings unattended on a journey. Eyes are likely to express more than words on the romantic front!

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lucky Number: 17

Sagittarius: (Nov 21- Dec 20) It is best not to lend money to even your close ones, as chances of getting it back look slim. Tranquility pervades the home front and family will be most supportive. Serious differences threaten to crop up in a relationship. Chances of getting hoodwinked in a property deal look real.

Lucky Color: Lavender, Lucky Number: 2

Capricorn: (Dec 21- Jan 20) Shifting to a new house is possible, especially for those getting transferred. Be careful with your money, as someone may talk you into investing in a dubious scheme. Don’t let anyone make a mountain out of a molehill.

Lucky Color: White, Lucky Number: 15

Aquarius: (Jan 21- Feb 20) You will have enough to indulge in a spot of luxury, but don’t overdo it. Hanging around with friends and browsing the malls is likely to prove most pleasurable for the youngsters. A romantic evening is indicated for those in love.

Lucky Color: Blue, Lucky Number: 3


Pisces: (Feb 21- Mar 20) You can be much sought after on the social front for organising something special. Your romantic endeavours are likely to result in something very positive. Be judicious in spending to avoid wasting money. Be wary of consuming anything from roadside vendors.

Lucky Color: Green, Lucky Number: 11