Daily Horoscope
Aries Image

Aries: (Mar 21- Apr 20) Your performance at work is likely to be praised. Some developments on the romantic front will make you feel on the top of the world. Stars appear strong for the eligible for getting a suitable matrimonial alliance. Someone is set to brighten your day.

Lucky Color: Maroon, Lucky Number: 12 

Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20) Your efforts at work will help accomplish much. A deal is likely to work out in your favour. Health wise, you are likely to feel fit and energetic. Those trying hard on the academic front will find things happening in a favourable way. Love life promises to cruise along smoothly. 

Lucky Color: Beige, Lucky Number: 8 

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 20) Someone is likely to give good advice and help you add to your wealth. Your social image is set to rise, as you manage to play your cards well. Romance on the sly cannot be ruled out for some. 

Lucky Color: Light Blue, Lucky Number: Peach 

Cancer: (Jun 21- Jul 20) A scholarship or monetary compensation can be expected by some on the academic front. Excellent returns from previous investments will keep your coffers brimming. An active lifestyle will help you enjoy excellent health. Bonhomie prevails on the home front. You may get attracted to someone.

Lucky Color: Silver, Lucky Number: 19 

Leo: (Jul 21- Aug 20) A family youngster is likely to do you proud by his or her achievements. Some of you may be poised for a higher academic qualification. A pat on the back for a job well done cannot be ruled out. Wise investments will help keep you financially secure. 

Lucky Color: Red, Lucky Number: 4 

Virgo: (Aug 21- Sep 20) A break that you had been hoping on the business front is likely to materialise. Good profits accrue in a venture and promise to make your wealth grow. You will be able to accomplish something important on the social front and add to your prestige.

Lucky Color: Purple, Lucky Number: 12 

Libra: (Sep 21- Oct 20)  The days you savoured are likely to return and keep you in an upbeat mood. Your efforts on the fitness front will prove immensely beneficial to you. Nurturing a relationship may make it a lifelong commitment. An outing with near and dear ones proves most enjoyable.

Lucky Color: Lemon Yellow, Lucky Number: 6 

Scorpio: (Oct 21- Nov 20) On the academic front, you remain a cut above the rest. Your passion for what you do is likely to be much appreciated. Good earning is indicated and will ease things on the monetary front. Those on a match-making mission will find anyone suitable.

Lucky Color: Golden, Lucky Number: 11 

Sagittarius: (Nov 21- Dec 20) Getting enrolled for higher studies may mark a watershed in your progress on the academic front. Financially, you may find yourself much more secure now, than before. An advice on the health front is likely to come in handy for those aspiring total fitness.

Lucky Color:  Peach, Lucky Number: 7 

Capricorn: (Dec 21- Jan 20) Some of you may afford shifting into a bigger accommodation. Some financial aspects may warrant your personal attention. Remaining regular in your exercise routine will be in your interest. You can cross swords with someone influential at work.

Lucky Color: Green, Lucky Number: 25 

Aquarius: (Jan 21- Feb 20) There is no need to cut corners as money flows in. Keeping in touch with someone influential is likely to benefit you in the long run. A budding romance may keep you in an excited state the whole day! Health remains good. 

Lucky Color: Royal Green, Lucky Number: 8 

Pisces: (Feb 21- Mar 20) A pat on the back is expected for those pursuing academics. Going out of town and staying with someone close is likely to prove most exciting. Lover may seem a bit oversensitive today. 

Lucky Color: Red, Lucky Number: 22