By Viciah Nason-Mec stringer

DEDZA-Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is dismayed with the change in issuing the voting IDs saying its causing low turnout in most centers in Dedza district.

It is understandably that people used the cards in the past for personal purposes not necessarily for voting.

Justice Jane Ansah, the Chairperson for the electoral body observed this when she visited some centers in Dedza on 2nd July where there is still low turnout of people in registration centers.

Dr. Ansah said people in the communities are not registering in large numbers because they expected to get another cards from MEC where this time around Mec is only providing voter certificates.

“This low turnout is beyond sensitization issue, because people the communities are aware of what is happening on the ground but due to their own reasons they are still opting not to register.

“We have find out that people are not coming in large numbers because this time around MEC is not providing cards,” said Justice Ansah.

She said the electoral body together with National Initiative for Civic Education conducted sensitization campaigns in the villages but because people prefer to turn out in the last days they still have hope that they will register in these remaining days.

“Despite this low turnout out, as MEC we have different projected figures in the centers, I will have the final say on the last day of exercise. In some centers it may appear as if there is low turnout yet the projected figure is small,” added Ansah.

Speaking at Mkomera center in Linthipe 1 where the number was bit higher, Mec chairperson said this is because in this area people failed to register with NRB hence they are taking advantage this time to register with NRB for them to access the cards.

“However we cannot declare that people are not Willing to take part in the next year’s tripartite elections, rather we will check the projected figures and thus when we will be able to tell weather people are willing or not,” she said.