FIFA Referee Bribed
Australian referee Benjamin Jon Williams (L) gives a red card to Belgium’s midfielder Steven Defour (not pictured) during a Group H football match between South

An expose on a Kenyan World Cup referee Aden Marwa receiving a bribe from an investigative Ghanaian investigative reporter has sparked heated debate among Kenyans online, minutes after his decision to quit over shame.

Details are emerging that the referee, who is also an employee of Teachers Service Commission, teaches Mathematics and Chemistry at Komotobo secondary school in Kuria, Migori County.

The teacher pleaded with the TSC, just last month, to have a one month off to referee World Cup matches in Russia, something that would have earned him Sh2.5 million.

But a bribe of Sh60,000 has denied him the highly coveted opportunity.

He left the country last weekend, but will now be forced to come home and watch the games from home on screens instead, after a BBC expose, in which he fell to the trick by renowned Ghanaian investigative journalist who offered him a bribe, posing as an official.

The journalist ‘demanded that the referee influence the outcome of a football match.