By Lyson Sibande

Why would anyone want to assassinate Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima? seriously? Chilima is already in the process of committing political suicide because his political career dies in 5 months when his United Transformation Movement (UTM) loses elections. He can’t win elections. Do you assassinate an already dying person?

If there was someone worth killing, if at all that would be legitimate then it would be Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) before he confused his party.

MCP is a strong and well institutionalized party that despite the blunders of Chakwera’s leadership, the party has a very strong base of loyal voters who will still go to the polls and vote for MCP despite Chakwera’s blunders.

MCP has good prospects to get a good percentage of votes even when you look at registration figures.

Why would someone worry about Chilima and UTM? who are their voters?  Can you show me the voters of UTM on which to project their victory?

if it is about the crowds they pull during rallies which are really good crowds, then the question is who is not pulling crowds? everyone is pulling crowds.

There is nothing strange about huge gatherings in political rallies. That has nothing to do with winning elections.

All losers in the previous elections since 1994 were also pulling crowds. Everybody pulls crowds during rallies.

Chilima and UTM must stop overestimating themselves. Nobody worries about them. MCP has more than 2.6 million votes on which to strategize and project victory.

We cant expect that MCP will lose more than 1.6 million of those votes in the center and get less than one million votes in the elections. NO!  These are the real guys to worry about and think of killing.

I will repeat. UTM is full of incompetent young guys that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) had no use for them and neglected them. They got frustrated and joined UTM to make themselves useful in some ways.

They are too incompetent even to cook and advance a propaganda. Are you sure even if DPP really wanted to eliminate Chilima they would stand by the side of the road and throw a bottle at his car? seriously?


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