Google Maps
Google Map’s tracking problems keep piling up

For millennia’s now, maps have had that special power! Something like to help people track down where they are. But let’s face it. Even if you are given the most detailed map, with realistic textures and features, you will still go like… “Hey, where’s my house in all this?”
Maps have always been here to shape the world around us. They are here to offer the bird-eye view on everything. The science and practice behind maps is known as cartography and it is no new thing to the world. This has been existence since the Babylonian ages. Today, we see maps only when we are travelling or want to get somewhere that we are not used to. And what is our map in the 21st Century? Our smartphones!
Gone are the days when you had to keep a big piece of folded paper in your backpack and continuously ask local denizens for locations. You get the idea, right? It would look like some explorer on the track of a treasure. Seriously, folks… we are not looking for any treasure or riches… we only want to get somewhere!
Satellites and digital map making helps millions of people around the globe. There is obviously someone out there who is busy looking for a building or a specific place in the area. This is where maps get useful! A single look at where they are and where they want to solve the “lost” issue. Of course, some people are friendly enough to ask for directions…
Contemporary maps are now in museums! Yes, those old, long ones with geographical representations and all popular cities. These are no longer used. Today, modernisation has allowed the introduction of map apps. Google Maps, Navigation, and Apple Maps are some of the examples of how maps have evolved. What used to be taking loads of space in your backpack is now a 1.6 MB app in your pockets!
What’s way better with modern map applications is that you do not need to spot where you are! They automatically track you. Using your GPS, they know in which corner of the world you are situated. You simply need to enter the place you want to go, and they will be providing you with the shortest route. Google Maps can even give you voice notifications where to turn or how many miles are left.
Maps are an integral part of the world’s geographical study. If new cities are being built and more and more changes are happening around us, then it is crucial that maps are updated. Would you prefer using a paper map that leaves you lost in the middle of a Hawaiian Jungle or one that is updated with the latest know-how of the area? Hmmm… just hope that you don’t get a google update when you are lost…
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Going for an adventure? Don’t forget your maps!