DPP Cadres marching against effective social media gurus
DPP Cadres marching against effective social media gurus

I hear the ruling DPP was busy yesterday marching in Blantyre, presented a petition to the district commissioner over social media reports on the health of our missing good old professor. That was a senseless act, too late, too little and useless. Malawians had been kept in the darkness for a month, not knowing where there leader was.

The DPP was not even there to assure us the president was in good health. As expected, people resorted to speculations because they were not given the right information at a right time as Information minister kept on contradicting himself and gave Malawians what could be termed as guess work.

From the word go, since the APM went missing, I insisted he had gone on leave and I urged the authorities to be open and transparent on the whereabouts of our leader to avoid giving room to rumour mongering.

For the DPP to come out now, march and present a petition to the DC is senseless because Malawians needed the assurances of the party long ago before State House was forced to announce the arrival of APM a week earlier due to pressure from Malawians.

This shows the party is reactive instead of being proactive. The party might wish to go to South Africa and learn how the ANC protects its blundering president. Asking OPC to prosecute the rumour mongers might not be a brilliant idea from a brilliant party at all because the genesis of the rumour mongering is APM’s lack of openness, transparency and accountability to Malawians whose money he used to enjoy his 21 day holiday in the US.

The government or State House should next time be open and transparent on information to avoid giving room to rumour mongering. Arresting people for spreading rumours is not the solution because if you arrest 10, 100 more will pop up.

Let the government use its remaining little energy in fighting corruption, pushing Malawi out from the second poorest country after South Sudan, give Malawians electricity all day, let the state conclude Kabwila and Msungama case!