MEC chair Jane Ansah caught partying with DPP cadets amid outcry over questionable election results

Written by Patseni Mauka

Just what was the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) celebrating for in Blantyre and Mangochi? That they won the 2019 elections or that they were better thieves of the election? It seems to me DPP was celebrating for being better thieves because its own President, Peter Mutharika, last week said DPP’s votes were stolen in the central region.

As we know, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM party have dragged Mutharika and Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to court for rigging the elections. So, there is no dispute among the three major parties on the fact that the election was rigged. Election observers also agree that the election was a disgrace to the nation.

Locally, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is reported to have said that the results management process lacked credibility, especially in the wake of revelations of use of Tippex, a correction fluid MEC admitted was not part of its inventory. Internationally, the European Union Election Observer Mission expressed some reservations on the credibility of the elections.

With each passing day, more revelations about the shambolic elections are coming out. The more revelations come out, the more the integrity of MEC led by its Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah is being questioned. Ansah’s lies during her press briefings at the tally centre in Blantyre are now being exposed one by one.

Malawi Elections
Malawi Elections: rigged, tampered with tipex

For example, during press briefings, Ansah initially said MEC received 147 different complaints. Later she said in fact the concerned parties didn’t lodge complaints with MEC and that the issue of Tippex was resolved. This was a complete lie. Ansah lied because if MEC resolved the issues, her preferred party, DPP, would have lost the elections. MEC was in hurry to declare DPP’s Peter Mutharika winner.

After declaring Mutharika winner, Ansah rushed to be part of DPP’s victory celebrations. Photos of a woman who is supposed to be independent, at least in the public eye, stupidly smiling while surrounded by uniformed DPP cadets made many Malawians cringe. The fact that Ansah was seen celebrating with DPP cadets shows how desperate she was to quickly declare Mutharika a winner. She just couldn’t wait to start celebrating with her fellow DPP members.

On its part, DPP is always thanking Ansah by defending her against any criticism. For DPP, Ansah is a great performer. As part of the defence for Ansah, DPP is set to hold what it calls celebration week from Tuesday June 18 to Monday June 24 in all the major cities.

DPP Celebrates
: #MangochiRally by President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika on Sunday

This so-called celebration week is coming a week after Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) announced plans to stage demonstrations nationwide on June 20. The CSOs announced that they will hold nationwide demonstrations to force Ansah to resign for messing up the Elections.

The conduct of MEC and DPP makes it impossible to differentiate MEC from DPP. The way they are supporting each other, one wouldn’t be wrong to call the commission DPP-MEC.

It is my hope that the courts will allow the current election case to be quickly completed so that Malawians know what went behind this disgraceful and unfair election. It is important that Jane Ansah and her collaborators get exposed for their crookedness.

It is equally essential that this case exposes DPP lies that it ‘won’ because it ‘performed well in the last five years’. Even the manipulated results show that DPP was deluded to think people would believe their lies that they would win with a landslide. Without the manipulation of results, DPP would be a big-time loser.

As a result of MEC and DPP’s thievery, the country is now at a standstill with tensions rising very high. Because of a Supreme Court of Appeal Justice Jane Ansah’s lack of integrity, the international community is wondering whether Malawi has any noble people.

Having been failed by parliament on numerous occasions and perceptually cheated by the executive arm of government, the whole country is counting on the judiciary to rescue us from mafias, crooks and professional thieves who have penetrated almost every aspect of government.

Malawians are counting on the judiciary to show DPP that being better thieves is not something to be celebrating for. With DPP using more government resources to celebrate being better thieves, the quicker the impasse ends, the better.

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