The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters have divided into two faction over the possible running mate to a 79 year old President Peter Mutharika in the May 21 Presidential race.

The development comes after its political bedfellow, the United Democratic Front (UDF) denied to pattern but rather going solo in the coming elections.

According to some DPP senior members who opted for a condition of anonymity, other supporters want Mutharika to pick Minister of Local government Kondwani Nankhumwa while others need Minister of Justice Emmanuel Tembenu.

Those who are fighting for Tembenu have already presented a memo to President Mutharika through the office of president and cabinet.

In the letter according to our source, the group described Tembenu as a viable option for a position of a running mate.

On other hand, Nankhumwa’s faction vowed not leave any stone unturned till they grab the position.

Mutharika has remained with 23 days to make his choice to present him or her to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on 10 February, 2019.

Meanwhile, number of DPP supporters across the country still wants Atupele Muluzi of UDF to be a possible running mate because he commands the eastern region as well as many youths in the country.

UDF followers especially the youths have since asked the young Muluzi not to bow down to DPP demands saying he can manage to win on his own.

The UDF youths have since accused DPP supporters for creating fake news that Muluzi will be Mutharika’s running mate in the coming polls.

Recently, youths in the north vowed to support Muluzi saying he has proved to be a man of people.