LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Eastern Region Vice President Bright Msaka says power to discipline its governor Paipi over last month attack on Muslim is vested in the party.

Msaka who is an aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) for Machinga Likwenu told The Maravi Post in an interview that as much as matter is tense, his hands were tied up.

He was responding to the letter, Secretary General of Malawi Muslim Community UK, Rhodrick Junaid Kalumpha wrote accusing him of still working closely with Paipi.

The DPP Eastern VP who is also minister of education says the party was the right body to discipline his governor over the matter saying its “an appointing authority”.

“While the power to sack Mr Paipi does not rest with me, the message from Mr. Kalumpha needs to be responded to by the party, and not by me as an individual. So, I will ask the party spokesperson to respond,” says Msaka.

Effort to get response from DPP Spokesperson Francis Kasaila proved futile on several attempt as he could not be available.

The UK Malawi Muslim Community on Sunday wrote Msaka as to why was still working with Pipe after an outrage on Muslims.

Below is the full statement made available to The Maravi Post;

As Secretary General of Malawi Muslim Community UK and a bona fide citizen of Malawi who hails from the Eastern Region, I am very shocked and disappointed to note that Mr Bright Msaka, in his capacity as Vice President of the DPP and aspiring MP for Machinga Likwenu, is still working with Mr Julius Paipi who recently attacked us Muslims in our country Malawi.

As Muslims, having felt injured by the bigotted remarks of Mr Paipi, we had written to the DPP through various organisations, including MAM, asking them to sack Mr Paipi from his position.

Unfortunately, it seems that the DPP leadership, including Mr Msaka himself, do not take our concerns seriously otherwise they would not allow Mr Paipi to be working in his capacity as Governor for the Eastern Region.

This is evidenced in the recent rally held by Mr Msaka at Liwonde where Mr Paipi was not only present, but was given a platform to speak and propel Mr Msaka and the DPP.

If Mr Msaka wants Muslims to vote for him, who we know are a majority in the Machinga Likwenu constituency, we call upon him to not only disassociate himself from Mr Paipi but also sack him from his role. We cannot accept irresponsible leaders like Paipi to sow discord in our area.

If Mr Msaka thinks we are joking, he will have a rude awakening as we will do anything possible to ensure our people do not give him even 5 votes!

We will be informing our people in Machinga Likwenu not to vote for a party that promotes Islamophobia and poses a threat to peace and security in the region.

It is high time the DPP took us Muslims in Malawi seriously. Their silence on this grave matter, which happened almost a month now, is not only insulting to us as it appears they endorse Mr Paipi’s stupid remarks but also do not consider the welfare of Muslims in Malawi.

Rhodrick Junaid Kalumpha, Secretary General, Malawi Muslim Community UK.