Peter Mutharika: Mzuzu people want him out of office

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Mzuzu city is under intense pressure following constituent’s petition that the lawmaker must spearheading a motion in Parliament for President Peter Mutharika’s impeachment.

At least 36,500 voters have written Njikho to act on the matter describing President Mutharika of gross incompetence in running the affairs of the country.

In the petition, the voters signed by co-chairpersons Andrew Longwe and Sandra Kamanga, accuse Mutharika of defying a court order by allowing the fired Agriculture Minister George Chaponda to continue operating as cabinet minister. This is criminal negligence, they also concerned about placing a moratorium on homosexuality and influencing arrest of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislators over treason allegations.

The petitioners took a swipe at the President for deliberately sending Chaponda to Germany on official duties when Mutharika knew that the embattled ex-minister was restrained by the court of law.

The constituents have further accused the Malawi leader of gross incompetence saying his act on Chaponda put the nation on auto-pilot which is evidenced by Mutharika not being visible or commenting on crucial issues affecting Malawians.

The petition which has been copied to National Assembly’s Speaker Richard Msowoya, claim that the state is captured by powerful individuals who are manipulating and running President’s actions and putting Malawians at risk.

The voters challenge Njikho to meet their demands by March 4, 2017 failing which they will take him to court for failing to fulfill the wishes of his constituents.

“Both Dr. Chaponda and President Mutharika defied that court injunction and disobeyed the court order, by one, the President allowing Chaponda to travel to Germany in his capacity as Minister of Agriculture. 

“President Mutharika has proven time an again to be negligent President as evidenced by his failure to admit about the declining healthcare sector system including the dilapidation of public health facilitates.

“Additionally, Mutharika unilaterally and illegally placed a moratorium on certain laws of the Republic including homosexuality laws without any such powers being given to him in any written law of the Republic”, reads in part the petition.

They added: “This is but one example of a totally unacceptable, illegal and unjustifiable usurping of powers (both from Legislature and Judiciary) on issue which will affect all Malawians and they ought to have a say”.

In his reaction, the lawmaker Njikho described the matter as sensitive saying he will seek legal opinion before making any decision.

The legislator was however surprised as to why his constituents did not brief him on the matter before issuing the petition saying voters action was a daunting task for his political path.

DPP Spokesperson Francis Kasayira told the Nation Newspaper that hinted that the party will comment when the motion is presented in Parliament arguing that reacting to speculation was not the party’s political approach.

But Law expert Edge Kanyongolo has challenged the petitioners to have concrete and serious violation evidence against the constitution which the President has committed arguing that impeachment grounds are hard to prove.

The nation is yet to witness on what the lawmaker Njikho is going to do on his constituents’ demands as the current mid-year budget review session will rise on March 2, 2014.

The country’s supreme law of the land, the constitution, Section 86 (2a) states that indictment and conviction by impeachment shall only be on the grounds of serious violation of the constitution or serious breach of the written laws of the Republic that either occurred or came to light during the term of the President or the First Vice President.