Reporter George Banda
Journalist George Banda: Assaulted by UTM thugs

A press release made available to The Maravi Post says Government is pleased with the public admission by the leader of UTM, Dr. Saulos Chilima, that journalist George Banda was harmed on 6th February 2019 at COMESA International Conference Centre in Blantyre by UTM security personnel in a mistaken identity act.

The Presser went on to read However, Government dismisses the apology and condemns the suggestion by Dr. Chilima that the violence against Mr. Banda is regrettable because he was not the target.

This suggestion is worrying because it means that in the view of the UTM leader, violence against all their targets is fine and acceptable.

Government urges all peace-loving Malawians to roundly take exception to this kind of policy by UTM. It is a dangerous and evil policy. Violence, regardless of the target, is unacceptable.

We wish to take this opportunity to urge Dr. Chilima to mention the individual who was mistaken for Mr. Banda and provide the reasons why he or she deserved to be harmed.

We hope the law enforcement agencies of the State will ensure that all those that are being targeted by the UTM are protected and those that are plotting violence against them are investigated and brought to book.

We believe Dr. Chilima has given these agencies a starting point.