THYOLO-(MaraviPost)-Political violence resurfaced on Sunday when the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets intimidated contestants in Thyolo-Thava Constituency during the party’s primaries which left one injured and others pulling out of the elections.

Sources privy the incident to Maravi Post disclosed that the incumbent parliamentarian, Mary Thom Navicha who has lost popularity in the area is allegedly hired roughnecks to intimidate fellow contestants.

During the primaries one of the aspiring DPP Councillors, Pauline Kanyoza expressed her dissatisfaction with the way the primaries were being conducted.

She questioned whether the 50-50 campaign that is being advocated for really makes sense when a fellow woman is in the forefront of instigating terror to other women.




This did not go well with Navicha and soon Kanyoza was roughed up by DPP zealots leaving her with a torn dress.

“I was trying to reason with Navicha that the 50-50 Campaign advocates that women and men should have equal space on political scene. Now it is unheard of for the same campaigners to do otherwise.

“A lot of people have pulled out of these primaries because of gross flaws in the electoral process of these primaries and for that I was beaten up,” lamented Kanyoza.

Livingstone Mazinga another aspirant lawmaker for the constituency told this paper that DPP Thyolo Regional Office flouted procedures for conducting the primaries.

“Everyone knows that standard procedure in the party allows that there should be free flow of information to all contestants. From the word go information has been deliberately withheld to disadvantage others.

“For instance, We knew that primaries will be held after Parliament rise, but to our surprise party officials were called on Saturday to collect forms and barely 24 hours elections were set which shows that these are deliberate tactics that are not allowed in a democratic dispensation and that’s why I pulled out and have written the DPP Regional Office that the primaries results be nullified and there should be a proper re-run,” said Mazinga.

George Umali the duly elected Constituency Governor for Thyolo-Thava who was unceremoniously removed from his position calls on the DPP leadership to investigate how party affairs are being run in the district.

Umali observed that DPP is losing popularity due to a few selfish individuals who are running the party as a personal estate.

He adds his weight to nullify the primaries’ result and level the stage for a fresh free and fair election.

Rifred Nawena, former Parliamentarian for the constituency also pulled out of the primaries citing serious flaws.

Efforts to talk to Chimwemwe Chipungu, Organising secretary for the primaries proved futile as he could not pick our calls.