DEDZA-(MaraviPost)-Malawi vice President who is also the interim leader of the newly formed UTM party Dr Saulos Chilima said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) would not have won the 2014 tripartite elections without him.
Chilima made the revelation on Saturday in Dedza district where UTM organized its political rally.
 According to him, DPP officials including President Peter Mutharika knew how important he was for the 2014 polls hence the approach.
Said Chilima “I was happily working as a sales man but was approached by four DPP officials asking me to their running mate. I did not ask you fro that. This is because you knew that I am best at selling products. And after accepting your request using my experience as a sales man, I managed to sale DPP and won the elections.”
Chilima then rubbished the calls for him to resign as the country’s veep or being grateful to DPP especially for choosing him as a running mate in the 2014 polls.
“I will not resign because my term ends in 2019, neither will I be grateful to DPP because you are in government because of me and without me you would not have been there. You are the one to be grateful to me. Some of you who are calling for this were not there when I was approached and selling the party,” he added.
The vice President then threatened to reveal many secret things happened between him and the ruling DPP.