Training in progress

Seven nurses who recently underwent a five day HIV/Aids management at the President’s Hotel say they have been fully equipped with new skills which will help them discharge their jobs with renewed vigour.

The training was organized by South Africa based Africa Institute for Capacity Development (AICD).

The institution organizes training courses for various professionals world over and has got offices in Blantyre-Malawi, Gaberone- Botswana, Johannesburg-South Africa, Mbabane-Eswatini, Dar-Es Salaam- Tanzania, Abuja-Nigeria, Kigali-Rwanda and Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

A representative of the nurses Martha Nyirongo from Kapichira Station said the training  came at a good time when effects of HIV/Aids are still ravaging many institutions throughout the world.

“As EGENCO we have not been spared by the effects of Aids.What made this training worthwhile is that we have acquired new invaluable skills.

AT Egenco we have highly trained individuals like engineers and if they contract Aids it affects the performance of the company. With this training we will be able to manage the situation effectively,” said Nyirongo.

AICD Business Development Manager Alexander Njikho said they have equipped the nurses with skills to deal with  HIV/Aids in a clinical set up.

According to Njikho a clinical set up help nurses discharge their job professionally because they have enough gadgets to help them manage the situation with ease.

“When we say clinical set up we mean that these nurses work with different individuals including clinical officers as well as  junior nurses. In a clinical set up managing HIV/Aids situations is easy as all the necessary  gadgets are readily available.

In a clinical set up the nurses  handle issues of Hiv/aids with strict privacy because
there are issues of discrimination as well  culture attached to the pandemic. What has transpired from the training is that the nurses needed more information on the disease so as to manage it effectively,” said Njikho.

According to Njikho the prevalence of HIV/Aids has also brought with it many challenges culturally and morally and hence the need for training to up the morale of the nurses so that they discharge their duties with minimal challenges.