Another season of the English Premier League has started. The first games have already shown that it won’t be a smooth sailing even for the recognized leaders. The main surprise was the successful performance of Watford, who managed to break into the list of favorites.

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The start of the season was completely different for some teams; their chances of success were regarded approximately equal. And while Watford managed to prove themselves positively, West Ham crashed and burnt completely, and even the coach of the Hammers Manuel Pellegrini agreed with that. The team was active at the transfer market, however, new players are still struggling to fit into the existing lineup. Moreover, some of them didn’t make it to the starting lineup; this fact arises questions about the reasonability of such transfers.

Free livescore shows that much depend on the individual skill of the players, as well as the coherence of their game. A clear example of this is the game between Manchester United and Tottenham, during which the hosts had many more successful moments, but ruined everything. It led to confident victory of the Spurs with a score of 0:3 and a noticeable increase of rumors about the future of Jose Mourinho in the Red Devils.


Speaking of the premier league fixtures, it’s worth highlighting the confrontation between Chelsea and Liverpool among September games.


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Both teams look very good at the start. They please the fans with bright and attacking game, as well as good results. Both teams started with several wins in a row and their face-to-face confrontation is a chance for both of them to achieve the leadership. However, we should not forget that Manchester City is right behind them, intending to protect its champion title.

At this stage, the chances of Chelsea and Liverpool are almost the same. The teams are not tired yet, so we can expect that they will do their best to show good results.