By Falles Kamanga

A unified wail with pain and anger should reverberate from Nsanje to Chitipa.

Let us beat our drums hard, until the vibrations have  shaken the foundation of the Malawi National Council of Sports.

The Private Sector ought to  be jolted awake by the deafening sound of our songs; as the percussion of our hand-clapping permeates the walls of parliament.

Enough is enough is a word to be written in bold letters on our placards, as we drum up support for the queens.

The message should be sent a cross that the Queens need more support.

Our ladies have achieved a lot, but it seems as a nation we have taken these achievements for granted.

They are being paid peanuts; they don’t have proper netball infrastructure and yet they perform beyond teams that are handsomely paid and have the infrastructure.

Not so long ago, South Africa couldn’t match us both in terms of quality and ranking.

Now it’s sad to see how the Proteas have picked up and the queens are lagging behind.

A couple of months ago our State President promised to construct Stadiums for Bullets and Be forward Wanderers.

Football has failed us; it is netball that has put Malawi on the map.

Don’t construct Stadiums for these teams, invest in netball.

Construct advanced netball infrastructure, increase players bonuses and sponsor friendly matches.

The Private sector should also come in. It’s time we all join hands in supporting the only sport that is making us proud.

As the queens arrive from the world Cup tournament, let’s not remain quite.

Our noise should reach the ears of those who have the financial muscle to assist.

Let’s drum up support for the Queens, the pride of our nation.