LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country’s education right body Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) on Tuesday took to task Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoST) to swiftly recruit about 10,000 trained teachers who have been idol for two years upon completion of their studies.

The education right body told the news conference in the capital Lilongwe that the ministry should desist from mere rhetoric and lip services on the trained teachers recruitment.

CSEC Executive Director Benedicto Kondowe observed that continued forsaking the trained teachers is tantamount to economic human rights violation as the latter have families to feed on.

Kondowe wondered as to why the ministry could hold the teachers two years without taking them into work force when all in all teacher-pupil ration in public schools remains a challenge.

But MoST’s Principal Secretary Justin Adack Saidi issued a statement assuring the teachers of being recruited as fiscal plan just passed last June, this year where there recruitment packages are allocated.

Saidi disclosed that the Ministry in conjunction with Local Assemblies has finalised the allocation of teachers as per each district’s establishment.

“This recruitment takes into consideration all teachers under IPTE 10, IPTE 11 and ODL 5. It must also be noted that the sum of the three cohorts is less than our allocation of 10,000 primary school teachers. This, therefore entails that Nobody from the above mentioned cohorts shall be left behind.

“This recruitment further takes into consideration Government’s commitment to reduce the high Pupil to Qualified Teacher Ratio (PQTR) between teachers and learners in the country with a goal of improving the quality of education, and also improving the welfare of our teachers,” reads part of MoST statement.

But Kondowe doubted the ministry’s statement implementation considering that Local Government Civil Service Commissioners mandated for the recruitment has not been made for the exercise.

“Enough of mere rhetoric and lip services on teachers recruitment who have been idle for two years. In fact, these promises were made that last year, January these teachers were assured of employment.

“Government always want to be seen doing something while nothing is happening on the ground. We want government issue notice that recruitment process has started not statement of clarity. The coalition therefore will continue monitoring government see to it that these teachers are fully recruited,” assures Kondowe.

Herbert Phambala, one of the trained teachers warned that if government will not commit itself to the recruitment, national wide demonstrations will be an optional.

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) president Willie Malimba expressed sadness over the recruitment delays saying it was affecting quality education implementation as teacher-pupil ratio remains a challenge.

The trained teachers have been waiting for two years unemployed and not given the certificates for them to use for searching other better opportunities