A 48 years old man Saiz Kanjinga is in Mangochi police custody on allegations that he murdered his wife.

According to Mangochi deputy police spokesperson Aminah Daudi, the development occurred on Wednesday around 7 pm at their house, in the area of Tradition Authority Mponda in Mangochi district.

During the time, the couple was eating their supper according to the district deputy spokesperson of the police but they suddenly started quarrel over family issues.

“In the process the suspect angrily hit his wife with two blows on the head, as a result she fell on the ground with her forehead whilst shouting for help but the suspect ran away abandoned her unconsciously on the ground,” said Daudi.

The closed relatives rushed to the scene after the screaming and took the victim to Mangochi hospital while in a conscious condition.


However, the victim was pronounced dead upon reaching the hospital.

Postmortem conducted at the same hospital revealed that death was due to head injuries.


The suspect went into hiding after the incidence but he handed himself to the police on Friday and has been charged with murder case which is contrary to section 209 of the penal.


Kanjinga will appear before court soon, according to Dausi.


Meanwhile, the district police is appealing to members of the general public to refrain from taking laws into their own hands whenever they face family matters.


Kanjinga hails from Fundi village in tradion authority Mponda in the district.