Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ordered an investigation into “plots being concocted” to undermine the wide-ranging political reforms he has introduced since taking office in May, the state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) has reported.

An explosion at a 23 June rally addressed by Mr Abiy in the capital, Addis Ababa, would be investigated by a committee formed by the prime minister.

The committee would also investigate attempts to disrupt power and telecom services and “economic shenanigans” in the country, it reported.

This suggests that Mr Abiy is facing opposition from within state institutions to his reforms, and more arrests can be expected.

Dozens of people, including the deputy police commissioner of Addis Ababa, were detained following the explosion at Saturday’s rally.

Mr Abiy has ended a state of emergency, freed thousands of prisoners, lifted a ban on media outlets and has taken moves to resolve a long-running border dispute with neighbouring Eritrea.