, a safe way to play lotto online

The online gambling industry is expanding year after year, with the lotteries representing only a small part of the spent but growing at high rates. Also the most traditional way to try the fortune and bet money to become millionaire is undergoing the digital transformation.

Everyday more and more players decide to purchase lottery tickets online instead of going to a nearby shop. And new websites are showing up on the web offering these services together with other gambling games. One of the main advantages is the accessibility to lotto games of any country in the world, with no more national boundaries. But, as lotteries are regulated by local Authorities, also the resellers need to be licensed and the matter for the users is to identify which of them they can trust to spend their money. is one of the newest start up in the business, offering a reliable service and, to prove it, explains on its own blog what parameters a user needs to check before playing on a lottery website. Here are some of them:

  1. Investigate about the company

First of all, look for the lottery company in a search engine. This way you can find information about the experience of other players and, if it wasn’t good, you can save time and already step to another website.

  1. Avoid making purchases on public connections

When making purchases on the Internet, it is necessary to provide personal and banking information, so it is much safer to connect directly from your home than in any open network that could represent a danger to your data.

  1. Check if you can contact the company in case of issues

A reliable company will always be interested in improving the service for its customers, so it will have contact information, such as email, form or live chat, so that users can send their concerns and ask for help.

  1. Make sure you’ll receive a proof of purchase

When making a purchase on a lottery website, you must receive a confirmation of the tickets you have bought. An authorized company will provide it to you through your email or your player account.

  1. Check the payment process and commissions

A safe lottery website will provide you with multiple and secure payment methods that leave a trace, give options to ask for refunds and don’t charge extra commissions (both to make payments and receive winnings).


Once you have checked these 5 points you can buy your lottery tickets with less worries and more hopes of winning an amazing prizes!


The start up, relying on its loyal customer base, is also expanding its offer: not only users can buy EuroMillions lottery tickets, soon they will also be able to play other international games like the Powerball and the MegaMillions, from any country in the world. To prepare for this expansion, the company has already renewed the appearance of its website and made it available in 5 different languages. Important steps forward to become one of the big players in the online lottery industry.