The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM)- an umbrella church mother body of 68 church denominations and 58 Christian organisations- has said Malawi is sliding back to bad governance a situation which has been further worsened by the lack of decisive, leadership at all levels.

In a pastoral letter titled; “A call for decisive, ethical, selfless and transformational leadership in Malawi” issued on June 14 2018.

The pastoral letter is expected to be read in all its member church denominations and Christian organisations during Sunday service (Today) EAM observes that while there have been some few promising signs in as far as improving the state of democratic governance in the country is concerned, there have also been some gaps.

“The overall picture, however, seems to be mostly negative in the sense that Malawi is sliding back to bad governance,” reads the letter in part.

”The situation is further worsened by the lack of decisive, ethical and selfish transformative leadership in strategic positions of authority and influence at all levels in our country.

We encourage the church and all Malawians to continue practicing active and responsible citizenship.

We should all demand accountability of duty bearers at all levels to ensure that the issues raised herein are addressed”, reads the pastoral letter signed by Rev. Dr. Chatha Msangaambe (EAM Board Chairperson) and Rev. Francis Mkandawire (EAM General Secretary).

Amongst the critical issues the pastoral letter addresses include the fight against corruption, access to information law, deteriorating public services in health and education, tribalism and nepotism, electoral reforms, the biasness of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, protection of persons with albinism, political violence and intimidation amongst others.

“We commend the current government for ensuring that the Access to Information legislation is enacted and assented to. However, the continued delay to operationalise it is a source of concern.

It is in this regard that we urge the government through the Minister of Information to fully support the Malawi Human Rights Commission, which is responsible for the implementation of this Bill in ensuring that all necessary measures including the guidelines are put in place,” reads part of the pastoral letter.

However, the pastoral letter commends efforts on the protection of persons with albinisms including the development of the National Action Plan and further calls on government to translate this strategy into action in view of the continued killings of persons with albinism.

“EAM applauds the security agencies for the recent arrests of people implicated in the killings of persons with albinisms. We appeal to our judiciary and all the relevant security arms of our Government to expeditiously deal with these cases in our courts in the best interest of justice” said EAM in the pastoral letter.

The Pastoral letter also urges its members to remain prayerful; participate in political and public space; and also exercise the spirit of patriotism and self-sacrifice if Malawi is to realise its development aspirations.

“We call Malawians to lover their country and be ready to sacrifice for the sake of the common good. However, this spirit of patriotism as demonstrated by our founding political leaders is seriously lacking. The consequences have manifested in many ways through increasing levels of corruption, nepotism, politically motivated violence, and destruction of public infrastructure”, reads part of the letter.

In relation to 2019 Tripartite elections, the pastoral letter also cautions EAM members against abusing Scriptures or the gift of prophecy with a view of getting favours from politicians.

“We charge all member clergy to remain nonpartisan, and not allow themselves to be used or influenced by politicians and their agent.”