DPP Cadets

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-After recently failing to convincingly disassociate itself from rigging accusations ahead of Tuesday’s tripartite elections, the Malawi Police Service (MPS) has again been caught pants down aggressively serving the whims of its outgoing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) political masters.

As political parties hold their last campaign rallies Saturday afternoon, the MPS is literally racing against time to ensure a DPP victory under the guise of providing security during the crucial election period.

An inside source in the service has confided in this reporter that top management has issued instructions to deploy officers far away from their existing jurisdictions without proper justification.

“As I am speaking, my colleagues and I have been deployed to Blantyre, Thyolo and other districts. We have been paired with Malawi Defence Force soldiers whom we do not know at the moment, but take it from me; this is a very abnormal arrangement,” said the source from Nsanje Police Station.

Although he could not say with absolute certainty, our source suspected that the procedure is a deliberate ploy to accommodate manoeuvring by ruling DPP cadets in their vote-rigging mission.

Recently the MPS came under fire from various stakeholders after stories emerged that it was training rogue DPP cadets to masquerade as legitimate police officers in a move to manipulate election results.

Sources close to the plan say the fake cops’ duty will be to intimidate polling staff and switch authentic ballot boxes with their own already stuffed with votes that will be favourable to the DPP.

“The idea is to ensure DPP victory especially in areas that the party is unsure of a favourable outcome. The unusual deployment of police officers, therefore, is aimed at confusing real cops; the fact that they will be in unfamiliar territory will render them powerless to act when the planned exchange of ballot boxes takes place after voting,” another source explained.

In view of these fresh revelations, several commentators have advised opposition parties and other stakeholders to be extra vigilant to thwart the outgoing DPP administration’s evil plan.

“If the claims are true, then it is paramount that the opposition and other stakeholders should empower their monitors to stand firm and resist any attempt by authorities to tamper with the will of Malawians. Although it is a foregone conclusion that the DPP will lose the elections, opposition parties must not relax but keep their eyes open and fight back against any effort to rig the election,” said a Chancellor College political science lecturer who asked for anonymity.

Efforts to obtain reactions from major opposition parties proved futile but top favourite UTM’s spokesperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga and MCP’s Maurice Munthali recently indicated their parties’ readiness to stop the DPP in its rigging tracks.