By John Saukira


We reveal how Salima concerned Citizens pocketed bribes from Vincent Niyongira  to write a petition asking authorities to evict Emmanuel Sekanawo


Details have emerged that a Salima-base group calling themselves Concerned Citizens wrote a petition to the authority to force and discredit businessman Emmanuel Sekanawo under the influence of money received inform of kickback from Salima Businessman Vincent Niyongira.


Although Vincent is denying allegations of bribery, but two concerned citizens have confessed to have been bribed in order to issue a strong petition to the authorities that discredit foreign business people from Rwanda and Burundi.


On 8 November, 2018, a group calling themselves petitioned the Salima District Assembly, to force the very innocent man Emmanuel Sekanawo for pocketing K1Million as upfront payment to fake the situation that the grouping is angry with  Sekanawo and yet Emmanuel has nothing to do with the Salima Security situation.




A Group of Concern Citizen which was formed mid this year in order to tackle security situation amongst Burundians and Rwandees.


People liked the group because it had a good agenda.


After incidents of disagreements among some Rwandees and Burundians the Concerned Citizens wrote the District Commissioner and held a press conference in Salima asking the authorities to evicts  all Burundians from the District.


They gave the authorities 15 days.

However, surprisingly before the expiry of 15 days, on 8 November they wrote another letter now to target one person to move out of the area alleging that he has been bringing problems.


However our records can entells that  Salima Based Group calling Concerned pocketed K1Million upfront payment from foreign Businessman  in order to write a strong worded letter  against one individual business personnel Emmanuel Sekanawo who is a Rwandees by nationality currently playing a chain store business in Salima.


Sekanawo settled in Salima long time ago alongside other Burundians and Rwandees nationals all totaling 18 in Number.




According to evidence that we have some Concerned Citizens on 7 November, 2018, petitioned Salima District Commissioner Charles  Mwawembe and other authorities asking them to order the immediate removal of Businessman, Emmanuel  Sekanawo whom they believe is causing problems in Salima.


The letter was copied to Senior Chief Kalonga, Officer Incharge of Police Mr M’bobo and DPP District Governor.


Salima District Governor while confirming about the letter he was quick to say all issues about security are handled by Police so he referred  our reporter to the Salima Officer incharge.


Salima Officer Incharge Assistant Commissioner M’bobo while confirming about the disagreement amongst foreign Nationals described the situation as quite and normal.


He said business is taking place as usual.




The Concerned Citizens have not disclosed specific reasons why they want Sekanawo out of the District.


However, in an exclusive interviews with some concerned Citizens, who were not happy with the way how the members handled themselves, expressed concerned over the way how the concerned citizens have handled themselves on the issue.


“We received K1Million but we agreed to receive K7Million after the end of the contract. We have so far distributed the letter to all the relevant authorities,” Said our source.


The Concerned Citizens are accusing Burundians and Rwandwees for bringing chaos and insecurity in Salima by among other things brazing guns in public.


On 31 October, 2018, the same Concerned Citizens held a press conference in Salima where they demanded immediate  removal of all foreigners of Bururndians and Rwandees national within 15 days however susprisingly while within 15 days another letter has already been petitioned tagetting one family of Sekanawo, out of 18 Families of foreign nationals currently plying trade in Salima under the influence of money.


One of the business man who is believed to have sponsored concerned citizens Vincent Niyongira said he was not aware that he is sponsoring the concerned citizens althought we have a petition with us and recorded interviews of Concerned Citizens.





It is believed that divisions have locked the group and disbandment might follow because other members are disgruntled with the behaviour of moving away from the agenda and targeting one person.


What the Concerned Citizens are doing is against the United Nations Charter “reaffirmed faith in fundamental human rights, and dignity and worth of the human person” and committed all member states to promote “universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”.


According to the charter all people are Born Free Equal and those all have their thoughts and ideas and need to be treated in the same way with no elements of Discrimination.