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By John Saukira

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Ministry of lands mission statement is to create an enabling environment for efficient, effective and sustainable provision of land and housing management services to the general public in order to promote and encourage sustainable economic growth and development.

The Ministry is composed of five technical departments namely: Lands & Valuation Physical Planning Surveys, Housing and Urban Development Buildings.

Besides the five technical departments there is Administration and Support Services Department which provides management and direction for the Ministry by coordinating the following support services; Policy and Planning, Financial Control, Internal Auditing, Human Resource Management, ICT support.

How ever despite all those structures all is still not rosy since the Ministry is facing a lot of challenges driven from some dishonest members of staffs.

This forced Minister of lands Housing and urban development Simon Vuwa Kaunda to visit Central Region Lands office in Lilongwe in order to familiarize himself with members of staff there being a new minister and also to introduce new Principal Secretary Joseph Mwandidya

During his visit which, Kaunda started by giving stern warning against maladministration happening in the Ministry.

He said he has been hearing about double allocation of plots and a lot of stories regarding corruption.

He said that has been a big problem in the Ministry and warned the officials to immediately stop the double allocation of plots.

He also spoke about the need to guard the land against encroachment from some people.

“These people will just come and drop the bricks without even papers in their hands what they only rely is their name we will not condone untouchables to disturb the system.”

Vuwa has since charged his officers to reposes plots from people who were offered but they are not developed.

“The laws of Malawi gives opportunity that any offered land can be retaken if one is failing to develop or if he or she is not paying ground rates,” He said.

Kaunda said there are plots which have stayed over twenty years or even more with nothing happening.

“Its time to repossess all that land,” vuwa said.

The other point that Vuwa Kaunda raised was to remind officials to offer land without attaching gender aspect or being bias.

At the end of his address, Kaunda hinted against over issuance of land to foreigners.

He said Malawi is our country and give all opportunities on land to Malawians.