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Facebook user exposes ritualist who uses human parts for rituals

By Our Reporter   /   Sunday, 14 Apr 2019 12:36PM   /   Leave a Comment   /   Tags:   /   233 views
A Facebook user has taken to WhatsApp to expose a ritualist who uses human parts for rituals, after he sent him a friend request.

The alleged ritualist, who has set his account on private and can only be found on Facebook by those who are his friends or those he sends friend requests to, claims he can do all forms of money making ritualist.

Facebook user exposes ritualist who uses human parts for rituals lailasnews

The Facebook user who received a friend request from this baba was shaken to his core after he went through the witch doctor’s Facebook account and saw a lot of fetish items, including caskets, money scattered about, animals and photos of rituals being performed.

Sharing the photos to WhatsApp, the web user wrote:

“Omo see me see wahala. Why would bablawo be sending me friend request?”

He added: “Oh Lord, what is the world turning into? So herbalist now uses internet to influence people.”

  • On his Facebook page, the babalawo promises the following:
  • Instant money without human of leadership.
  • Money rituals.. Human/human body parts/animal sacrifice
  • business to move forward.
  • Lotto number.
  • Marriage problems…

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