First Discount House [FDH] bank has disclosed that it will continue sponsoring the mayor’s trophy in Blantyre which targets children below the age of 14 in primary schools.

Deputy Managing Director of FDH, William Mpinganjira, made the remarks on Saturday at Blantyre Youth Center during the finals of the trophy.

Mpinganjira said the bank is committed in improving football in the country starting from grassroots level were children will be involved to show case their talents.

“As a bank we do not only concentrate in banking or business activities but we also look for other social responsibilities we can be doing and one of the thing we are working towards is improving football in the country which we believe we need to start it at a grassroots level,” Mpinganjira said.

He further said it’s the vision of FDH bank to see football in the country improving which can help National teams to be partaking in international competitions attributing that we fail to contest in international competitions because of the low standard of our football.

During the finals, Nkolokoti primary school received MK700,000 after being crowned champions in the football category and Mbayani primary school received MK500,000 in netball category for being the champions