By Rabson Woodwell

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Science research conducted by several researchers world wide, messages about how to conserve environment have been designed and passed but the world hasn’t listened and used it, that is why until today degradation continues to take stage.

Faith Environmental care and Earth keeping Ministry (FEEM) has come up with a unique approach to help conserve the environment by fusing the messages about environmental conservation with the word of God spiritually with the aim of getting the message direct into the heart of man.

According to the founder and Secretary of the organisation Rev. Bossman Suzumire Chitheka FEEM has found out that for people to conserve the environment which is the role the creator gave man, they need spiritual messages that go straight into their hearts because what goes or comes out of heart is tangible.

Reverend. Chitheka spoke this during the installation of Kasiya fraternity at Kasiya in Lilongwe on Wednesday 24 January, 2018.

“FEEM acknowledges that the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it that’s according to Psalm 24:1, and FEEM is ready to take it seriously on it’s tasks of imaging God’s love for the world and all creation-Gen 1:26.

“And we as a Christian Ministry also acknowledge and honour our creator as we serve and keep his creation (Gen 2:15) ever seeking to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8.

“And FEEM is concerned with the deterioration of natural resources, environment impacts and the biggest environmental and developmental challenge however is the silence of faith communities on environmental issues and their lack of appreciation of the inter-connectedness of God-Humanity-Nature. Creation mandate states that humanity was entrusted with the care of the environment but unfortunately this is not the case today-Grn 2:15” Rev. Chitheka explains.

Kondwani Mkandawire Board of trustees’ Chairperson said that the scripture as the inferable word of God also explains that creation is an eloquent proclaimer of God’s glory (psalm 19:1) a revelation so convicting that not a single human being has a valid excuse for not knowing God’s everlasting power and divinity (Romans 1:20).

Therefore, it is with gratitude to God for the blessings of his Word and his creation that FEEM indulges into serious discussions with Kasiya faith leaders in its projects.

Chairperson of the Kasiya fraternity Reverend Charles Chenjerani who is ministering at Mang’a CCAP welcomed the development and all the initiative to his community of faith leaders at Kapiri.

“We are so happy with this initiative which I think has been lacking all over years because its the approach that is going to be combining the word of God and environmental messages with the aim of passing the the messages which go straight into the heart of a person on how to conserve the environment.

“The faith community here is so ready to work with FEEM in passing the messages through preaching in all the participating churches so that we can indeed lessen the impact of the environmental degradation.” Rev. Chenjerani happily elaborated.