LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Women Lawyers Association of Malawi on Monday afternoon presented a petition to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) seeking President
Peter Mutharika to include more women in his cabinet.

The female lawyers even demanded the removal of Charles Mchacha in the cabinet for his bad character towards women.

Mchacha who is governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Southern region governor was hired as deputy minister of Homeland and Security.

Mutharika recently appointed a twenty member cabinet where there are only
three women out of the twenty ministers.

Executive Director of Action Aid Malawi Grace Malela (a lawyer by profession) and other representatives of Women Lawyers are the ones who delivered the petition.

Last week some Civil Society Organisations also delivered apetition to the United Nations offices in Lilongwe, pushing for the removal of President Peter Mutharika as a He-for-She champion,arguing he is not fulfilling his role as a 50/50 campaigner.

Mutharika was appointed a He-for-She champion by the United Nations Headquarters over his ‘commitment’ in promoting gender equality.

The petition by the women lawyers was received by the Chief Secretary to
the Government, Lloyd Muhara.