Summer is a period of crazy experience and bright emotions. It’s the time when you finally can flee from routine responsibilities and throw yourself into the whirl of an exuberant feeling of happiness. The days are longer, people are more satisfied with their lives because they have holidays and the whole surrounding tells you with its look: it’s time to indulge yourself! So, if you are in Malawi and don’t have any particular vision of how to spend summer, then here are a few suggestions for you.Lake Malawi

Find your soul mate

When you get rid of work, days seem to be too empty and feeling of loneliness can come to you. But don’t fall into despair. Make your summer bright by finding new friends or maybe a lover. People create emotions and there are numerous ways to find them. For example, you can use Hookupgeek. It’s definitely a great resource allowing you to find out hookup sites with the highest rate, which is extremely convenient. All of the resources presented are chosen according to the level of safety and reliability. There is a wide range of hook up sites created specifically to help you with finding a soul mate or even a love of your life and Hookupgeek knows how to pick the best one. 

Try something new

You have been always thinking that Malawi is a boring country with no interesting things to do? You’re deeply mistaken. It doesn’t matter which part of the country you would like to go, awesome attractions are waiting for you everywhere, you just have to be more attentive. Open your soul for a new experience and try something out of the ordinary. Malawi is keen on extreme entertainment like safari trip, photo hunting, water adventure, etc. If you aren’t into the risky things then pop into the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art. You will be frankly excited with its mesmerizing cultural heritage.LakeMalawi

Open your eyes and discover interesting places

Travelling brings a plethora of positive emotions and shows you that the world is sufficiently rich.  Each country has its unspoiled secluded places with magnificent sights, but peculiar spots of Malawi possess their own incomparable highlights which especially attract travelers. To those places belong Lake Malawi.  Considered the birthplace of aquarium fish, it stretches for 365 km. The local population is used to refer to it as the “lake-calendar”. It has no access to the sea, thanks to which the water remains clear. Coming here, you can not only see tiny colorful fish that scurry about in the water but also enjoy the surrounding nature, which is simply indescribable.


Broaden your horizons

Being in Malawi, don’t miss your chance to visit local museums. They will reveal the secrets about the history of the land. For example, enjoy skeletons of rare animals and discover a stunning collection of archeological sites in the Cultural and Museum Center of Karonga. If you’re interested in art, then go to La Caverna Art Gallery. It has numerous works of artists.