Fired up barrister Ntata ready to speak truth to APM administration today

THE LEADER THAT WASNT THERE: Exposing Mutharika’s Leadership Failures Amid Reports of Corruption and Bad Governance 

Today, 18th September 2015, at 6pm, at Victoria Hotel in Blantyre, we will be talking about why making a fanfare out of opening Teachers Training Centers and Community Colleges when teachers are not being paid their salaries, people are dying in hospitals and patients are  being treated in blackouts is a signal of a leadership that is either too self-serving to care, or is totally out of touch and unaware of the problems engulfing the nation.

I will be reminding Malawians that in spite of all the noise being made about Cashgate, the reality on the ground is that only Cashgaters from the Joyce Banda Period have been prosecuted when we now all know that Cashgate started long before Joyce Banda, and that three independent reports demonstrate that more Cashgate millions have been looted by the DPP than by any other administration.

I will be asking the question why the current administration is not saying anything about the PwC MK577 billion report and why there haven’t been any sensational arrests of DPP supporters who are well known to have been involved; and why they’re working so tirelessly to keep the country focused on Joyce Banda when the DPP’s own backyard is itself even more soiled with Cashgate manure. 

I will also present my case demonstrating clear cases of a puppet leadership that is not in charge and is simply being swayed around by the private interests of those within and around it, protecting corruption and perpetuating poverty, social decline and economic doom for the benefit of the few and at the expense of 15 million Malawians. 

There are clear governance failures that need to be exposed and addressed: blackouts, water shortages, inflation, forex shortages, government system failures, rampant corruption, executive overreach, and clear failure of proper resource prioritisation at a time when the country is faced with severe financial challenges. Why is this administration ignoring these realities? Why do the president’s speeches sound like we are living in paradise? Is the president aware of the nation-wide blackouts, the water rationing, the fact that one cannot obtain any government service without having to pay a bribe?

The public lecture this evening will attempt fearlessly to tackle these matters and provide suggestions for reform and alternative governance directions that can transform the country. 

If I were you, I’d put my prejudice aside and attend.

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