LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The disgruntled former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) district chairpersons drawn across the country on Tuesday joined the vice president Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Led by Chatonda Kaunda who served as MCP deputy secretary general, the grouping which comprised of the party’s central region committee (about 65 members) confessed that were tired of MCP political torture.

Kaunda told the news conference in the capital Lilongwe that MCP leadership did not want the elderly in its structures hence the defection to UTM.

“They told us that we are now too old to serve in the party. Having looked around, we realised that UTM can embrace us and they have indeed welcomed us with all warm arms. We are now home, the thing is to ensure that the party gets into power,” said Kaunda.

UTM’s Spokesperson, Dr. Chidanti Malunga the joining of the MCP old guards testifies how popular is the striking across the country.

Dr Malunga said that for UTM to claim vitory in 2019 tripartite elections, requires everyone to participate fully in its agenda not only youths.

“Allow me to clarify that indeed we certainly preach youthful leadership, but that does not mean we will throw away any vote outside the bracket. They have come to join us, to support us, and vote for us. They are not not looking for positions. No big deal

“We should be careful with critics who will always find and fault in everything we do. For Saulosi Klaus Chilima to win, we need votes, and these votes can come from from all ages,” emphasised Malunga.

However, the speaker of the National Assembly who is also former MCP vice president Richard Msowoya is expected to be formally welcomed into the movement family on Saturday at Masintha ground in Lilongwe during the launch of the movement.

Meanwhile, in the north, Loveness Gondwe and 21 others say they will contest the parliamentary elections on the UTM ticket.

Gondwe, former deputy speaker of parliament, was Aford member before she defected to MCP before dumping it to join the movement.

The UTM is becoming popular day by day which all political giant parties must not underrate its existence a head of 2019 general elections.