Njobvuyalema Moyo (left) to report former MPs to ACB for mismanage development funds since 1994


By Joseph Mizimbe

An aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) for Neno South Constituency, Steve Njobvuyalema Moyo has threatened to report to Anti-Corruption Bureau  (ACB) all former MPs for the constituency for mismanaging funds meant for development.

Njobvuyalema Moyo alleged that since 1994 the constituency did not get developmental support despite parliament allocating resources in the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Local Development Fund (LDF) and District Development Fund  (DDF).

It is for this reason that Njobvuyalema Moyo said he would take to task all former MPs to explain the whereabouts of the resources and ACB would be engaged to do the needful investigation so that those involved in the malpractice should face the law.

He said this yesterday during the debate for aspiring MPs organized by National Initiative for Civic Education  (NICE) at Chifunga in Neno District.

“The constituency has not developed because former MPs did not use the development funds for the intended purposes and time has come for them to face the law. When voted as MP in May, I will ensure that the truth should be known about the whereabouts of the resources which were for developing this constituency. I will engage ACB to help us with this matter,” he emphasized.

Reacting to Njobvuyalema Moyo’s sentiments, other aspiring MPs Mark Katsonga Phiri and Joe Manduwa wondered why the current MP Mary Khembo is not mentioned. They said she has also failed to develop the constituency.

Former MPs for Neno South to face ACB for alleged development funds mismanagement

On the other hand, Katsonga and Manduwa boasted that during their time they did something tangible on infrastructure  including school blocks and teachers’ houses- though some projects are at foundation or window levels.

The debate was organized by National Initiative for Civic Education  (NICE) and tackled issues including security, education, environment and what law the aspiring MPs would like to pass for the benefit of the communities.

Eight out of 10 candidates were present during the debate and they were from Freedom Party, MCP, UTM and independent candidates.