Joyce Banda
Former Malawi President Joyce Banda: 2017 MOTHERS DAY MESSAGE

15th October is Mother’s Day in Malawi.   It is a privilege and honor that God gave us the special favor to carry and bring men and women into this world.  As I wish my fellow mothers a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, I also wish to pay special tribute to all men who value and respect women.


I thank God that he has blessed our family with nine children who have grown to become fine and successful men and women.  It has been a humbling experience to watch these men and women blossom.


I woke up today and thought especially about my own mother who is no longer here.  I was 47 years old when she passed on.  In my prayer I prayed for all those whose mothers are no longer in this world especially those who lost their mothers at a much younger age.  I ask that we ask God to allow the souls of our mothers rest in everlasting peace as we sing and listen to the attached song.

Dr. Joyce Banda