Katsonga: banned for one week

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The former Speaker of Malawi Parliament Davis Katsonga, was on Wednesday banned from the Parliament proceeding for one week after he defied the august House’s dress code.

Katsonga, who is also the lawmaker for Mwanza Central, on Tuesday walked out of the chamber in protest against the Second Speaker Clement Chiwaya’s verdict that the cultural headgear is not allowed in the house.

The former speaker’s protest coincided with Chiwaya’s revoking of the Standing Order 105 for the latter to leave the House and come back on Wednesday.

Surprisingly, Katsonga came back into the House chambers ‪on Wednesday afternoon, wearing the same Ngoni culture headgear, which prompted Lilongwe North East legislator Maxwell, to plead for Chiwaya to assert his decision.

Thyolera, who is also Parliamentary Legal Affairs Chairperson, said he was surprised to see the member back into the House in the same attire which he had been told not wear while attending Parliament proceedings.

“Mr. Second Deputy Speaker Sir, yesterday (Tuesday) you advised an hourable member about the dress code for this Hiuse, and you directed that if any member has an issue with the dress code, they can report the same to the Legal Affairs Committee,” Thyolera said.

“But, to our surprise the hourable member is back in the House in the same attire. Is it in order for the member to do that?” Thyolera queried.

The Deputy Speaker Chiwaya equally shared the same observation with Thyolera, noting that Katsonga’s behavior was tantamount to indiscipline and required disciplinary action for defying the House’s dress code.

“Him being a former Speaker, is supposed to be exemplary. It’s for this reason, I am invoking Section 105 that the hourable member should not attend proceedings for one week,” ruled Chiwaya.

Eventually, Katsonga left the chamber amid “Bayethe Nkosi” (respect to king) chats from some members who on Tuesday, had defended the cultural headgear. They had argued that as an Impi of the Maseko Ngonis’ Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V, he was supposed to put the headgear on it all the time.