Xenophobia—South Africa’s Ticking Time Bomb
SA’s longstanding criminal justice failures and toxic populist rhetoric fueling xenophobia

Incredible news from the US. I am one of those who took interest and keenly followed the 2016 US presidential elections and was captivated by the “model and modern class elections.”
I caught the fever. I understood that in the USA, the players were in it for and with their political party, which is a valid scenario. Candidates do not have the capacity to go through the primary and campaign seasons outside the party structure.
The normal situation of universal suffrage (the vote) of course, provides ideal conditions of freedom to the individual to have exercised of the right to vote. Versions of general elections for instance the African way, have come with unintended results and in many places causing miseries and violence due to unrestrained flouting of the rule of law.

Gradually, change is happening, the latest example being the Gambia case. Given time the best systems will outlive the rest and prevail. Coups should remain permanently a phenomenon of the past. The question of minority groups comes in all the time as soon as freedom is brought under the microscope. In other words, at the time of the outcome even after the election results.

Anyone in a minority group knows the importance of freedom but modalities of mobilising to maintain and sustain a balance against stubborn leadership is a big issue and sometimes unaffordable.
The US scenario is shocking. I do not have a good explanation how someone of Trump’s character gets through the net to lead in a democratic state. I know very little of him but from it I see leadership with racism written all over, then extremism in him which he talked so much during campaign rallies, against Muslims, obsessive dictatorship, arrogance and paranoia. All I have mentioned are danger flags in any modern democracy. One would have thought that the 240-year old American democratic machinery has what it takes to iron out untoward tendencies in individuals to ensure at least a public image that would befit a leader – who is the leader of the free world

Trump as at now, appears to be an unstoppable tyrant and his behaviour so far is painting a bad image of democracy, as has been displayed and adopted throughout the democratic world. There is developing un-forbidding sentiments in many people, toward this leader.
Developments since November 2026, is turning US into an unfriendly territory and sadly those good people (which I know America has millions of them) are powerless to do something about all the nightmare–like change that us daily taking place in the US. Even the security sector has been twisted toward the leader’s voiced sentiments. This is easily judged from the way they are enforcing the Trump executive order that bans travel to and from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
This matter has crossed borders. There is no chance that I will ever set my foot in Mexico, but those Mexicans have my support in their favour to stand up against building of the border wall.
I would say Trump needs to go back to Bible school. In the Bible one finds the blue print of how the haves and have-nots should live and co-exist. The law of creation that is found in the Bible, states that it is God who created the earth and that we have enough space and food for everyone on earth only if we sat down to figure out how to share it. This leads us to the matter of human rights. To God, we are equal before Him.
But in character we now would look at Trump to be on the opposite end of all those right-minded God-fearing people.
For the continent of Africa, although, most countries have had a share of colonial history during which time the developed world (colonial masters) plundered most of the natural resources. The colonials are in effect Trump’s forefathers.
Hatred is a catalyst in all that and a danger to freedom. The Trump version can capitulate to become a race confrontation with effects similar to race relations of the past.
Peace is a precursor and an ingredient of freedom and security. We have the two world wars to draw lessons from, the Syrian scenario and in the case of America the Vietnam war. How fragile it might be, peace, makes way for security and prosperity.
A lunatic whose mind is stabilised will not be on the attack posing no palpable danger. But for normal persons once they lose their mind even temporarily, the consequences can be catastrophic.
Peace and love exist within the human psyche and no amount of money can buy that out.
Shockwaves being felt from the changes taking place at the White House now spell danger to the outside world. Many innocent people stand to suffer because of flawed views and messages, some uttered on social media and many more from a presidential podium. The outside world is already receiving too many of these mixed messages.

 Anderson Msosa is a retired accounting professional

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