The country’s opposition Freedom Party (FP) says is ready to form the next government if put into power in 2019 with meaningful social, economic and political development.

FP Secretary General (SG), Steven Njobvuyalema said the political organization has all it takes to redeem citizens from the yoke of poverty, economic genocide and shameful temptations of corrupt practices.

Njobvuyalema was addressing the rally at Phalula along side the party’s national executive members with an assurance to form next government.

FP’s SG told the gathering the party’s leadership is a corruption free, experienced towering political star of the twenty-first century who has a bright vision for Malawi

He therefore lauded highly of its boss, the party founder and president Khumbo Hastings Kachali of his political career that is needed for Malawi’s future.

Njobvuyalema reminded the audience on how the party’s president Kachali launched his political career in the United Democratic Front (UDF) where he ascended straight to the ladder of Treasurer General of then ruling party.

The SG warned the voters to be awake and avoid associating themselves with fortune seeking politicians who have sold their political party to human rights abusers and molesters (an Indian who is jogging with his wife cheating people).

“Right honorable Kachali has worked with all these presidents whose legacies are associated with stories of corruption, favoritism and mismanagement of Government resources but there is no traceable evidence that has mentioned his name in these malpractices.

“He is the only leader who can claim to be of clean record and his party will form next Government come 2019,” assured Njobvuyalema.

The meeting was fully patronized amid hand clapping, ululations and laughing allowed people to agree with the speaker that the authentic leader of Malawi from 2019 is finally here and is waiting for the final whistle to blow so that he can enter political slate.