By our reporter

People in Mangochi District have been asked to rally behind a leader who can eradicate poverty by transforming the economy and improving social amenities in communities and Malawi as a nation.

Freedom Party (FP) Secretary General, Steve Njobvuyalema addressing a mass rally in Chilipa, Mangochi South West Constituency on Saturday said Malawians have suffered socio-economically for quite a long time despite changing leaders and that time has come to usher into Government FP President Khumbo Hastings Kachali who knows and understands better people’s problems.

Njibvuyalema said, Kachali had traveled across the country and discovered how people in villages were languishing with poverty and one of the places was Chilipa.

“FP President is visionary and development conscious. If you want poverty to be shown the exit door choose Khumbo Kachali in 2019 to be president of this country. He has no bad track record. He was not involved in squandering of public resources since he joined politics in 1994,” Njobvuyalema explained.

According to Njobvuyalema, Freedom Party has development agendas for Malawians which include improving access to quality education, irrigation farming for areas along water bodies, infrastructure development, access to clean and safe water as well as healthcare services.

He further mentioned improving welfare of women and youth through loan disbursement, skills development and entrepreneurship as other priorities of Freedom Party.

The Secretary General, therefore, appealed to people to join and vote for Freedom Party candidates if they want development projects in the country and their areas.

Njobvuyalema, did not hesitate to warn people in the area to be on the alert because some politicians would be coming in the area with false promises.

“They would be fooling you that they would bring development projects. But for how long would you listen to their lies. You have been giving them votes here but the painful thing is that once you elect them they disappear and bounce back during campaign period with another lie,” he hinted.

He also wondered: “What benefit could people get from the breakaway political grouping which is busy castigating its mother party?”

“Is it a wise decision to insult the party you were in Government with for four (4) years by calling its leadership all sorts of names including telling the nation that its leaders are thieves? Is it not far from truth that you resigned and formed your party because you were not getting enough from
Government coffers?” Njobvuyalema pondered.

He also warned people in Chilipa not to make mistake by voting for a political party with an ‘Indian’ who is reportedly busy giving handouts in villages.

“What this Indian is doing is bribing people to vote for his party. People should vote for leaders with development agenda for this country and not those leaders who give handouts because once voted into power they would plunder public funds to replace funds they used during campaign,” the Freedom Party Secretary General claimed.

Speaking earlier, Group Village Headman Kazembe and Freedom Party Constituency and District leaders, disclosed that people in the area have been stroked by hunger this year and they would love well-wishers could come with relief items.

They also said that the area has pressing challenges that include a school block without a roof, no access to clean water and healthcare services,poor road networks.