Students from Mzuzu University have launched a group called Friends of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. The launch was announced during a press brief which took place at Mphatso motel in Mzuzu City on Friday. The chairperson of the grouping read a settlement which was later made available to Maravi Post. Worthy to note in the statement is the request by the students to Prophet Bushiri to consider helping their institution as they are mobilizing funds to build a new library. Mzuni library was gutted down by fire and the situation has left the students stranded as they study in their respective rooms, a thing which is not healthy academically.

The students have also pledged to coordinate Prophet Bushiri’s charity work, shall the Prophet need their help, saying Bushiri is youthful like themselves and therefore right and proper to support their fellow youth in his noble mission. After all, the students say Bushiri started his ministry right in the city where they are and they therefore consider him as a home boy therefore they feel the need to render a helping hand to him.

Below is the press statement in full.

Distinguished Members of the Press,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With sincere gratitude we would like to welcome you all to this very important gathering.

We are the representatives of ‘Friends of Bushiri’ at Mzuzu University (Mzuni). ‘Friends of Bushiri’ is a name that rings a bell to many a people. It is a network of individuals throughout the world who, in one way or another, have been touched or are appreciating what God is doing through ‘Major 1’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who comes from this very part of the world – in Chibavi.

Ironically, there has been no network, whatsoever, from this very part of the world. So, this grouping of students has been established on the precepts of the Gospel and Christ teachings for the transformation and strengthening of our spiritual lives and those of our brothers and sisters in Christ surrounding us. This grouping, ‘Friends of Bushiri’ – Mzuzu Chapter will, in the long run, be immensely instrumental in her participation in charity services; youth mobilisation for positive change; education on religious; economic as well as socio-political affairs.

Having said that, however, we feel it would be gross insensitivity if we do not comment on certain innuendoes that are being played against ‘Major 1’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

We are deeply shocked by a chorus of unjustifiable, baseless and unspiritual remarks that are being levelled against the great Man of God. These, we must say, are confused utterances coming from Malawians who have dissenting ideas in religious circles.

It is clear that people behind these attacks and criticisms are doing that out of hatred and envy for his success and many charity services he has been extending to the needy Malawians. The message we want to extend here to such quarters is that, let us not be driven by the spirit of greed and hatred against MAJOR 1 but on the other hand we should collectively wage war against poverty and not, nonsensically, using the already limited resources we have on things that will not benefit general public. And we would like, in the strongest terms, to highly condemn this evil act of denying needy Malawians from receiving donations from the Prophet.

It is a shame that people who are propagating this evil, were actually supposed to be upholding the works of Prophet. Some of the youths who were supposed to preach and act with patriotism in the drive for citizens and stakeholders of this nation to collectively work as partners to improve the current situation Malawi is passing through, are now busy defying their own values to success. We want to express our dismay to these young Malawians that instead of being supportive to our fellow youth and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in elevating the welfare of Malawians, are providing a pull down force by castigating him.

With the current economic woes, the situation demands unity of purpose to curb high poverty levels affecting magnitude of Malawians as the recent statistics and declaration of the State of Emergency by our State President speak volumes of how the poverty is worsening in the country hence the extension of charity works cannot be overemphasised.

It is a living fact that, our own Prophet with the blessings he has been given by God, he has a potential and capacity to complement government and other reliable development partners to change the poverty face that Malawi has. It is surprising to see that, he is being denied space to do charity work in his home country. Let us start respecting our own anointed Men of God we have in this country if we really claim to be a God fearing Nation and this must start by government.

Just to bring a living example home, you will be glad to know that for the past few months, the Malawian Airlines has made profits more than any other airline in Africa due to travels of people that go to worship at the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in RSA and these are the proceeds that can change the lives of poor Malawians.

As a chapter that belongs to Mzuzu University, we would also like to bring to the attention of ‘Major 1’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri the bad situation that is the state of our library which got gutted by fire during the night of December 19, 2015. The library needs complete refurbishment, starting with the physical building to the purchase of books. As of now, the situation is deplorable, and it is making it very difficult for us to do well in our studies most of which is research inclined.

We are very optimistic that MAJOR 1 who has the welfare of, we, fellow youths at heart will generously consider our request in whatever sense. Just as our famous tag goes, Friends of Bushiri – Mzuni Chapter’s Family is not stressing up because we know Major 1 will definitely come to our rescue.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends from the press, in conclusion we would like to earnestly cajole all Malawian youth – who form 60 per cent of this country’s 18 million population – to look up to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as a father-figure, role model and inspirer. Also, we would like to call on our friends to work with this great Man of God in preaching love, peace and unity for the betterment and prosperity of our great nation.

May God bless us all!

Thank you for your attention.

Brighton Mwenifumbo (Interim Chairperson Biton Tchuwa (Interim Vice Chairperson) Katatu Wazamazama (Interim Publicity Secretary)