By Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Sometime in October president Peter Mutharika promised Malawians that by the beginning of December towards the end of the year 2017 the problem of blackouts will be solved and become history.

An active opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera stood up and disputed this promise, Chakwera foresaw the deception of the president and informed the nation that president Peter Mutharika was lying and that the problem of blackouts and energy solution will not be found because the procurement of generators that president Peter Mutharika promised was just a farce and fallacious.

The government of DPP and Peter Mutharika went berserk and started spitting fire and bullets against the opposition leader. From his mouth president Peter Mutharika unashamedly and heartlessly labelled Lazarus Chakwera a pathological liar who needs mental examination at Bwaila hospital.

Leader of opposition Malawi Congress Party Lazarus Chakwera brought to the public detailed information with references of letters that Electricity generating company wrote to the procured companies and the intervention that State House under Lloyd Muhara Chief Secretary to president Peter Mutharika made to stifle the procurement process.

The nation was cheated to believe on the lies. DPP and Peter Mutharika made Malawians believe that the person that need and require medical attention was the opposition leader. Malawi Congress Party and Lazarus Chakwera reacted by telling Malawians that this country is led by a president who need mental examination because he was telling the nation promises that were not true.

Three months later on the 25th December president Peter Mutharika stand on a pulpit answering a question from a creche toddler who asked why our nation is in persistent blackouts?

President Peter Mutharika sweated to answer the kindergarten girl, he did not hide his nervious, he narrated “this is the toughest question” wearing a shy face.

As a gift of Christmas to the nation president Peter Mutharika told the nation in response to the young girl’s question that Malawians must brace for more blackouts and the best option was for citizens to use candles, lanterns and grass to light their homes for cooking.

President Peter Mutharika continue suffering from mental disorder by keeping on lying that water level on Lake Malawi the feeder of Shire river that produce hydro power for Malawi was low, yet Malawi is experiencing heavy rains and floods.

Few weeks ago government ministers and die-hard supporters went viral on social media showing pictures of Generators arriving in Malawi. The question that citizens of Malawi must ask is; Malawi is being led by a sane person or an insane president?

The answer is open president Peter Mutharika is a pathological liar and a cheater. For the country of 17 million citizens to entrust a nation to such a person is risky of destruction and doom for our country.

In the next few days we are entering a new year 2018 with the same problem of persistent blackouts. With such lies Malawi must expect more doom than hope for the better.

It is important that citizens of Malawi call president to order, or it is important for the country to call for mental examination of the president so that we are sure that our nation is not in the hands of a mentally retarded president.

Vincent Wandale supreme leader of MUST the Thyolo/Mulanje republic was referred to the hospital for medical examination to see if he was sane enough.

Perhaps referring Vincent Wandale was a big mistake our courts are making, the right person to be examined is president Peter Mutharika.

The following reasons are worth and fulfilling for president Peter Mutharika to be attended by medical examiner:-

1. This is the man who promised to root out corruption and stop cash gate in Malawi but failed.

2. This is a man prior to be in the government promised to trim the powers of the presidency but has failed.

3. This is the man who defied court order by delegating a convicted minister George Chaponda on official duty.

4. This is the man who is involved in MK577 billion cash gate whose 13 files are hidden by his government.

5. This is the man whose government has been the worst in corruption in the history of Malawi for 53 years.

6. This is the man who has failed to protect people living with Albinism.

7. This is the man whose government has failed to come up with the truth about blood suckers.

8. This is a man whose government defy reforms that was to be a way of transformation for our nation.

9. This is a man under whose government is suffering with persistent blackouts over energy.

10. This is a man whose government for three years has struggled to sustain the nation’s economy.

11. This is a man who was involved in treason case by trying to overthrow the constitutional government after the death of his brother in 2012.

12. This is a man who always talk or make promises that turn into lies.

13. This is a man who is failing to prosecute thieves in his government after being caught ‘red handed’ stealing state funds.

14. This is a man who does not rule the country with justice, the death of Robert Chasowa, Issa Njaunju and many others.

The above 14 points plus many more are ENOUGH and satisfying reasons to justify the need for president Peter Mutharika to be examined or be ruled a failure.

President Peter Mutharika contradicts himself and instead call innocent citizens liars.

Malawians have every reason to “recall” president Peter Mutharika from state house for failing Malawi and lying to Malawians.

2017 has proved to be a year where DPP and Peter Mutharika have failed and are failures to the aspirations of Malawians.

Malawians must brace for more troubles the next 2018 to 2019.

The future of our nation depends on our vigilance against thieves, crooks, corruption and state looting.

We must not stop, we will never stop till our nation is free from thieves and crooks.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
a silent nation gives more power to thieves.

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