Gender activist Emma Kaliya on Tuesday accused Karonga Council for discarding the fight for gender equality in the district.

Harry Mwanyembe
Mwanyembe: became council chairperson after beating three candidates.

This comes after the media reported that the council failed to vote for the only female councilor in the district ‘Joyce Nyondo’ on position of district vice chairperson.

Nyondo who is councilor for Mlare ward contested on the position of vice Chairperson against Patrick Chunda, Councilor for Nyungwe ward but lost by seven to five votes.

Councillor for Rukuru ward, Harry Mwanyembe was voted as the district Chairperson.
Speaking in a telephone interview with maravaipost reporter, Kaliya expressed disappointment saying “the council should be embarrassed that they can’t even go for gender balance by electing Joyce Nyondo as vice-chair.”

Reacting to the development, councilor for Kaporo ward in the district, Wiyule Kanyika concurred with Kaliya saying “the development has portrayed bad picture to the community.”