The Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare says it is deeply concerned with the images circulating on social media that expose the dignity of a certain woman in Limbe the commercial township of Blantyre.

On Thursday afternoon,  a 20-year old woman from Bangwe township in Blantyre shocked people in Limbe when she undressed and started parading naked along the streets.

While some people were playing with her private parts, others took her pictures and shared with their friends and groups on the social media.

Limbe Police Spokesperson Pedzisai Zembeneko, said the woman was rescued by the police and taken home by a neighbour.

However, the minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare (Dr. Jean Kalilani) through a press statement released on Friday, attacked both the police and the surrounding community for the development.

“What is troubling is the fact that the woman has a history of mental challenges and the public violation of the woman’s rights is the uncalled for and shows alarming escalation in glorification of violence against women,”  the minister said.

Adding that “the conduct of the police officers who handled the case, is deeply concerning, and the people circulating the pictures are participating in a criminal activity,” she points out.

The Ministry therefore, calls for action to be taken against the perpetrators of this horrific and shocking crime against the woman.

According to the statement, every Malawian has a right to dignity, privacy, security of their person and to be safe from any form of street justice.

“We are therefore calling every Malawian to be vigilant and report any strange and suspicious activities that violate the rights and well being of women and girls so that the law must take its course and that stiffer penalties are  imposed on  perpetrators,” reads the statement.

The ministry also calls upon every Malawian to be vigilant and protect vulnerable, young women, and children at all times.

Government then assured Malawians in general and women in particular, that it will continue doing everything possible to protect their rights