Gwamba cheers up Chikwawa orphans with MK3 million cash donation

CHIKWAWA-(MaraviPost)-Multi-award winning gospel artist Gwamba continues to make charity headlines with the latest being MK3 million cash donation to Pachelo Charity Trust which supports orphans in Chikwawa District.

The donation on Wednesday afternoon, is part of Gwamba’s continuous humanitarian strides not just towards the Pachelo Trust but his personal effort to lift disadvantaged people in Malawi.

In a recent interview with SABC, Gwamba he underlined that the world will be a better a place of those who have a little spared something little for those who have.

During the donation in Chikwawa to the Trust, which takes care of hundreds of orphans, Gwamba said:

“I don’t give because I have much. I don’t. But I understand that the little that God gives me is a million to those who don’t. Such a privilege need to be shared by those who don’t,” he said.

He added that Christians should resist the temptation of always preaching God’s love without demonstrating it.

“God didn’t just teach us love. He demonstrated it by sending His own son to die for us. That was the apex of love and the donation I made was only in line in demonstrating God’s love,” he said.

Pachelo Trust representative Malita thanked the Gwamba for the donation, saying it’s “it’s profound to see such a young man being so concerned with issues of orphan-hood.”

“We have several challenges but with this donation, I can tell you we have been uplifted. We thank God for Gwamba,” she said.

Gwamba is set to release his new album, “I Hope God Love Trap” in few months.