The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (MET) says Malawians should get ready for summer season as temperatures continue to rise.

Statement on weather released on Sunday and signed by The Director of Climate Change, Jolam Nkhokwe, it indicated a significant peak up in temperatures across the nation from the past two weeks.

“As from Sunday September 24 to Tuesday, most areas will continue to experience mostly sunny hazy and hot to very hot weather conditions with mild to cool and windy conditions at night,” reads the statement

It said: “as from Friday to October 1st most areas in the country are likely to experience hot to very hot weather conditions with a likelihood of afternoon thundery showers over the southern lake shore areas due to the presence of zone of unstable weather conditions caused by eastward passage of front al system over the Republic of South Africa.”

It also sates that the pick in temperature will result in the occurrence of dust “devils’’ known as whirl wind which will rush through the country side during the day time caused by the different heating of the ground as the country will be under the warm easterly airflow.

“As the position of the sun is now over southern hemisphere and quickly approaching Malawi after crossing the equator on September 22, the country will experience a considerable pick up in day up temperatures.

“Dust devils or whirlwind formed when one part of the ground heats up faster than the surrounding ground will continue whipping through the country side in Malawi dumping debris on their pathway,”

It further said haze will continue to be a predominant phenomenon due to increase of dust from bare ground and bush fires hence warning the public of reduction in visibility and health problems such as coughing, eye irritations and asthma.

In Malawi, the month of September marks the end of winter season which starts in June.