High court resumes the case of DPP Central Vice President, Uladi Mussa

By Alick u Sichali

The High court in Lilongwe on Wednesday resumed the case of former minister of Home affairs and internal security, Uladi Mussa, on the case he is answering for helping foreigners illegally obtained the countries citizenship.

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), Spokesperson, Egrita Ndala, confirmed this in a Whatsapp convention when she was responding to a questionnaire we sent her.

Ndala said Mussa answering the case of aiding at least 55 foreigners to illegally obtain citizenship while he was a cabinet Minister.

“The case will be back in Lilongwe High Court on 16 and 17 August this month,” Ndala responded to the questionnaire.

This follows reports in the social media that the case stalled because the former minister joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and that the party is shielding him.

ACB arrested the former minister of Home affairs and Internal Security in March 2017 on charges of negligence and abuse of office but at the time Mussa said the arrest was made because of political reasons.

He handed himself to the ACB after reports surfaced that ACB department wanted to arrest him relation to the granting of citizenship and passports to people when he was in office.